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WorldTruth is an 18+ UNCENSORED Community. Can you handle the Truth?

Our promises, are simple: No Data Mining GUARANTEED! No Site Originated Tracking GUARANTEED!

We are all voluntary, the Staff and I, and help all we can with the hours we have available. Please take the time to thank the Staff when you can. 

We've struggled...
We've started over a couple times to fix errors, and learned from our mistakes...
We don't have 90 full-time developers to run this site... We have just a handful of passionate mothers, fathers, brothers, cousins, sisters, friends...

We believe the future is in our hands, and we are as real as it gets. We have a shoestring budget, maybe even less, but we manage to make it the past years, and we will continue.

How will you be remembered? We want to be remembered as driving at least some sort of change that inspires the entire world to be better.

Thank you for being here!