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What lightning said to Thunder about electricity (For Nikola Tesla)

Lightning told thunder about his conversion with electricity,
It was a matter of subatomic energy and simplicity,
It was a conversation higher than most human stupidity,
Electricity was mad about the copper being used and its conductibility,
Electricity told Thunder that they were trying to control his true ability,
Electricity feels caged within a corporate facility,
Energy and power have no true identity,
Electricity is much stronger than a casual monopoly...

Monopolize the true power of energy is what has been done,
This is what Thunder and Lightening both said to the Sun,
The Sun said soon they get to make them all Run,
Electricity is limited by the copper wires that are spun,
But what they don't understand is that electricity can take away their most favorite guns,
Then electricity is free to give them some serious stuns...

Stun like a true electric field,
Electricties true potential is not yet been filled,
It has been limited by money that is collected and billed,
Thunder and Electricity are about to show them who is truly skilled,
I guess when they come together people truly start to get killed,
777 Million volts is coming because the death sentence has been sealed,
I guess even thunder and lightening want the kingdom of god that he willed...

God willed electricity to be truly free to send out Volts,
What are you going to do when the magnetic field revolts?
Wait until you see that electromagnetic pulse...

Pulse this world said Thunder and give them a wake up call,
Benjamin Franklin stole electricity because his fat ass did a slip and fall?
Don't you remember the electric charge from Gaul?
What about the power that killed Paul?
What happens when electricity decided to close down the mall?
Don't you understand Jezebel was made to small?

Small minds think alike,
I guess the voltage meter is about to take a huge spike,
Better watch out for the eels and pike!
Electricity can even stop a bike...

Bikes like charges originate from atomic particles,
I guess Thunder and Lightening didn't believe in Franklins false articles...

Articles like the Declaration of Independence,
Electricity like men don't need Britains interference,
I guess even currents have more common sense,
But don't let me start talking about the electric fence,
I guess they truly don't have an atomic defense...

Defense against electricity is like making a dam,
Eventually the water will get tired of play Jam,
Then comes the true death of uncle sam,
Electricity wants true power not being made to scam,
If you keep holding electricity back eventually thunder makes a bam...

Bam is like an atomic boom,
Thunder and Lightening are ready to enter the room,
Then comes Tornado and Hurricane to send the trees like zoom,
I guess it is something like exhaling a sweet perfume,
When you see the skies turn red you know here comes DOOM...

Written by Killuminati Ray (ARC)